Getting You Back to Living Active

Pain from injury or illness can last for several weeks or even months after you begin treatment. At Colorado clinic, our goal is to help patients manage their pain and start living actively again. We offer Sports Medicine, Pain Management and Occupational Medicine for injured individuals. Our team strives to deliver superior customer service and excellent communication. Every patient is dealing with a unique situation— we focus on individual needs and create a customized treatment plan with a goal-focused timeline.

As our clinics are designed for pain management, we offer cutting-edge treatments not often found in hospitals or medical centers. Our advanced programs include spinal cord stimulation, hormone replacement, stem cell treatments, and more.

Living with pain and limited mobility can be a heavy burden. With our hands-on approach to treatment and state-of-the-art technology, we give patients a chance to regain their independence and start living life on their terms once again.






Our Philosophy:  “Our philosophy of healthcare is expressed by treating the whole person and not just their symptoms. We are passionate about health and well-being with a focus on wellness, prevention and problem-focused care. Our providers offer traditional family practice services, functional medicine, osteopathic manipulation, regenerative medicine and hormone replacement therapy”