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Integrity, Dedication & Vision Based Healthcare

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THANK YOU for visiting the Health Medical Institute (HMI). Our truth of “leading by example” and living up to our mission and vision statements are what make our clinic unique.

We strive to provide comprehensive medical, mental and public health services for all patients and to assist in optimizing our current healthcare organizational needs on a local and national level. We are dedicated to exceptional patient care (both in clinical operations at HMI and as our mobile outreach units) to our communities needs.



To assist patients and healthcare organizations in their efforts to optimize measurable endpoint outcomes, leading to increased quality of life and financially sustainable, realistic trajectories


We aim to be a global leader in development of efficient means to increase healthcare measurable outcomes, increase logistical operations in healthcare facilities, develop health education based on clinical research and increase individual (and facility) based daily productivity which will directly impact multi-level financial sustainability.

Core Concepts: 

  • Enabling Individual and Population Based Health Optimization by Increasing Quality of Life and Measurable End Point Outcomes
  • Increasing Reciprocity Between Patients and Providers directly leading to an Increased Level of Being Health Informed 
  • Intensive Focus on Healthcare Principles Based on Primordial, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Preventive Medicine Measures
  • Establishing Means For Financially Sustainable Health Institutions and Health Providers by Best Practices Means