Patient and Practice Satisfaction (PPAESS Survey)


The waiting room and the examination rooms are the two central locations patients spend time in a primary care environment. Patient health outcomes and satisfaction are significant contributing factors for reimbursement The Patient Practice And Education Satisfaction Survey (PPAESS) tool has high internal consistency (a = 0.92) with subcategories of practice (a = 0.88) and education (a = 0.86). When comparing between arms of the study utilizing the PPAESS tool, a marginally significant, total survey Kruskall-Wallace was observed (p = 0.071). Inter-arm comparisons of the practice subcategory control vs. health investment worker were significant (p = 0.034). The PPAESS survey tool is a highly consistent and reliable tool for patient satisfaction regarding practice environment and education. A health investment worker in a practice waiting room environment was noted to increase patient satisfaction. The PPAESS tool allows health practices to further optimize practice space, patient time, individual/group education and is highly effective for assessment of patient satisfaction.