Our main research focus is centered around finding healthcare means to allow for greater patient quality of life along with increasing their daily productivity throughout their lifetime for the betterment of their personal / social lives and for the betterment of their respective societies.

Another focus we have is researching logistical operations that allow for financially sustainable healthcare institutions / health teams by means of testing current best practices to establish a nominal optimal end point measure; thereby directing best practice with cutting edge, visionary health practice in any and all arenas of healthcare.


1. Health Ballistics: Multiple Reference Point Informed Probability Theory (MRPIP)

2. Generation of remote critical access healthcare travel medicine outreach

3. Use of Cutting edge technology in the healthcare setting for increased logistical and financial operations

4. Use of the healthcare agent as optimal and preferred method by patients for health education delivery in the healthcare setting

5. Financial sustainability of healthcare practices by utilization of best practices billing and coding

6.  Increased “patient – provider” face to face time during each healthcare visit by utilizing best practices billing and coding

7. Increasing utalization of local businesses for social health optimization