Mobile Clinic: Rural and Community Outreach


If you would like to be a patient at the Health Medical Institute, please contact us for an appointment, and we will come to you via one of our Mobile Clinic options. 

1.  Mobile Clinic for the greater Cheyenne region for local under-served and disparaged populations to include in-home medical evaluations.

2. Mobile Clinic for the greater Wyoming region for  under-served, and disparaged populations.

3. Remote and critical access healthcare and triage for rural farmers / ranches, shut-ins, restricted access locations and emergency services as needed and able.

If you are a medical provider and would like to participate in our Mobile Clinic, please feel free to contact us.


Up and Coming Access Options:

1. Multiple Small Rural Access Vehicles (RAV’s) for provider access to critical access regions and for patient transport to our clinic (which is currently being built in Cheyenne Wyoming). 

2. Homeless shelters and farming regions with critical access designation

3, Helicopter Mobile Clinic access to Greater Wyoming with anticipations of access to Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, Montana, Utah and South Dakota for Ultra-Remote Medical Access.